For the Children of Cameroon & Beyond

Our Mission

Since our founding in 2017, everyone at Thérèse Dipoumbi Foundation has been dedicated to the same goal:

ensuring that the educational needs and wants of children are met.

Our Inspiration

Thérèse Dipoumbi 

Spent the majority of her life working to give children hope through education in Douala, Cameroon. She and her husband, Simon Pierre Dipoumbi, founded COPSECO and Nanga schools in 1975. After her husband passed away in 2002, she was committed to continuing the work. She had very little means, but refused to leave any child behind. Unfortunately, Thérèse was tragically killed in 2015, leaving the community at a loss. We're picking up where Thérèse left off.

Our Impact


Many families can't afford the cost of attendance. This keeps kids out of school, and makes it harder to pay teachers. To date, the foundation has provided scholarships for over 100 children.


Summer School

The Foundation has funded 2 summer programs to make sure that no child is left behind.


Classrooms can get as hot as 90° F, making it impossible for students to focus. The schools have benefited greatly from the addition of industrial fans.


Reading helps transform minds. The primary school library needed updating; and the secondary school had no library at all. With the help of book donations, we have changed that.

Our Team

In the US

Josephine Dipoumbi

Our Leader




Aline Dipoumbi

Danielle Assen

Simon Dipoumbi

Dr. Stacey






Matteo Mariotti


A. Lincoln


Zeh Banga désiré


Your Donation

$250 covers tuition for a child

$50 buys more industrial fans

$100covers the average teachers salary

$150supplies science lab kits for 1 class

Your Service

April 2019, we took our first service trip to Douala. We'll be engaging in future trips to continue the work we started. We also need help state-side, fundraising and fostering partnerships. Join us!

Reach out

We want to connect

If you want to volunteer, or if you have ideas on how to take our work to the next level.

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